Speed Limit Changes Coming for Village Streets

At its November meeting, the Village Board voted 5-1 to approve Ordinance No. 591, which reduces the speed limit on most of the streets in the Village of Thomasboro. These changes will become effective after new speed limit signage is installed by Village personnel. The Thomasboro Police Department will not begin enforcing new speed limits until signs are installed and visible to motorists, and will be issuing warning tickets during the first 30 days that the changes are in effect.

A summary of the speed limit changes is listed below:

*Central Avenue: Will be lowered from 35mph to 30mph
*Schluter Street: Will remain at 20mph between Central Avenue and Park Street
*Commercial Avenue: Will remain a 20mph School Zone between Arnold and Clark when children are present
*All other non-highway streets: Will be lowered from 30mph to 25mph

Ordinance No. 591

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